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The Siege of Cekadax's Fortress was an assault by an allied force to wipe out Makuta Cekadax's forces.



  • Hold the fortress.
  • Survive.

The Allied Army[]

  • Take the fortress.
  • Eliminate Cekadax and Ikirro.


The recent defeat of Makuta Cekadax's forces in the Siege of the Altronia Fortress left her and her ally Makuta Ikirro with a heavily reduced army, consisting of the battle's survivors and her reserves. Anticipating a counter-attack from the Order of Altronia and their new Yelnir allies, the two Makuta prepared their defenses.

Having won the recent battle, the Order and their new allies did indeed decide to attack Cekadax's fortress, and after taking time recoup from the last battle they set off for the attack. On the way to the fortress they were joined by a host of Altronian warriors, who had been watching the previous battle intently and were eager for revenge on Cekadax.

The battle began with the Yelnir airships battering the defenses with their energy cannons. While they appeared to cause fairly superficial damage they did disable most of the fortresses's exterior armaments. The Allied army prepared to attack the gates directly, but the gates were opened for them by the Hokanuka Zalkatrex, who had already infiltrated the fortress.

A force of mercenaries flooded out from the open gate to form a phalanx and hold the gate. It effectively kept the attackers back for a time until Yaltrax, arriving at the front of the Hokanuka Cult's reinforcing army, shattered the phalanx single-handed. The Allied force flooded in, defeating the mercenary force and entering the fortress.

The interior defenses around the gate were fairly quickly overwhelmed and the defenders retreated back into the fortress, holding individual rooms and choke points with desperation. The battle broke down into pockets of fighting all across the fortress, the most notable being the defense of the training grounds by Mistiv and Myriax and the defense of Cekadax's throne room.

The battle ended with the death of Cekadax at the hands of Trallix and the withdrawal of Ikirro and a tiny group of survivors from a secret fortress exit. All others were exterminated by the Hokanuka, who ruthlessly cleared the fortress room-by-room.


Having achieved a major victory with minimal loss of life, the allied force celebrated the win. The Order and Hokanuka picked through all of Cekadax's tools and tech, gathering and cataloging it all. The Hokanuka discovered that Ikirro retreated to Crystal Island and met with Makuta Rularx, and the Alliance, minus the Altronians, plan for a third battle, hoping this time to finally catch Ikirro and defeat Rularx as well.


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