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The Siege of the Altronia Fortress was the final attempt by Makuta Cekadax to wipe out the Order of Altronia.


The Order of Altronia[]

The Brotherhood of Makuta[]

  • Take the Altronia Fortress.
  • Defeat the Order forces.
  • Eliminate Faxhuun.


Makuta Cekadax had been building up her forces for months in preparation to seize the entire island of Altronia, starting with the Altronia Fortress, under control of the Order of Altronia. The arrival of Makuta Burtok with insider information caused her to ramp up preparations. The secondary appearance of Makuta Ikirro and his forces, who had been driven from his island, bolstered Cekadax's numbers and the two Makuta began planning the assault together. It was soon decided that Ikirro would lead the battle alongside Cekadax's chosen commander, Zracknar, and the army departed to attack.

The Order had been anticipating an attack to come eventually, but were nearly caught by surprise by the oncoming army, only receiving a last-minute warning by the Hokanuka Slaryka in the form of preparation.

A vanguard strike by the Brotherhood managed to infiltrate the Fortress in advance of the main army. Varoak turned back the majority of the vanguard, while members of the Vindicators encountered Makuta Ikirro and, with effort, convinced him to withdraw back.

The first strike by the Brotherhood was an assault on the walls with anyone capable of flying over or climbing on them, while Ikirro and Recapar teleported into the gatehouse, annihilating the guard and opening the gates for the main army to flood in. The Order's forces were quickly forced back from the walls and after fierce fighting were driven back further, surrendering the outer defenses of the fortress. There was a brief respite in the fighting as the defenders dug in and the attackers regrouped before the assault began again.

It seemed apparent that without a major change the defenders would eventually be overwhelmed by sheer numbers, until the breaking of the cloud cover heralded the arrival of reinforcements, a Yelnir air-fleet. Around this time Zracknar was slain by Faxhuun as well, demoralizing the Brotherhood army even further. The Yelnir fleet initiated a rapid drop, unloading a mass of combat drones and soldiers from their vessels which rapidly overwhelmed the Brotherhood army. Makuta Ikirro was forced to call a retreat, saving what troops he could while the majority of his Rahkshi were sacrificed in a holding action.


A proper alliance was formed between the Yelnir and the Order, though with roughly a third of the Order's forces having been killed or wounded in the fight, no celebration was held for the victory. The allied forces began planning for the possibility of a strike against Cekadax.

Ikirro and his remaining forces returned to Cekadax's fortress, where, anticipating an attack, the two began prepping a defense.


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