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The awesome jerk
Affiliation Revolutionaries
Powers Explosive Spinners
Kanohi Helmet
Status Alive
Pronunciation STRIGH-gell

Strygel is a jerkweed Varen in the Altronia Continuity.


Strygel came into existence somewhere.

Strygel somehow went into the mercenary business, with moderate success. He was fully competent, but he was also usually beaten to his jobs by Dark Hunters, and thus got limited job opportunities.

Makuta Rularx hired Strygel to serve as part of the Revolutionaries, a chance that Strygel leaped at. He was less happy about it when, upon his effectiveness being tested, he was placed on the bottom half of the chain of command. Claiming that no one understood him, he went along with it anyway.

When Rularx's fortress on Crystal Island was attacked, Strygel went into battle. He, Tamrix, and Gordok fought the Toa Tronux and unleashed Tamrix's Rahi on them. Still, Strygel was beaten down several times and ultimately failed.

When Crystal Island was consumed by an interdimensional vortex, Strygel went right along with it.

Powers and Equipment[]


  • Explosive Rhotuka: Armed with a launcher, Strygel's spinners will manifest the ability to explode on contact with a target, making him quite destructive.


  • Competence: Strygel is hard to manage from time to time, but when put in tight situations, he knows how to get out.
  • Deception: Strygel is good at deceiving other beings, especially when faking his own defeat.


Strygel carries a staff armed with a Rhotuka Launcher in one hand and a shield in the other.

Personality and Traits[]

Strygel is known as a jerk by his allies, and generally despised for being an egomaniac and having a nasty habit of leaving his teammates to their fate. It has not spelled the end of any of his allies yet, but it is more than likely that it will sometime.

In addition, Strygel has an explosive temper, and is hard to manage at times.


  • Strygel is a composite word, made up of "Stryper" and the last name of someone Sidd knows. He accidentally mashed them together while partially distracted by a Brawl match.
    • No offense meant to Stryper or the dude Sidd knows. He's awesome.