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Affiliation Burtok's Associates
Powers Flight, Heat vision
Kanohi None
Status Deceased
Pronunciation THRAH-nah-Too-kah

"Free training dummies. Burtok will be pleased."
―Thranatuka on the Avenging Alliance [src]

Thranatuka is a Makuta-Affiliated Varen in the Altronia Continuity.


Thrahnatuka served as Burtok's welcoming party when the Avenging Alliance first arrived on Crystal Island.

Events between that and Island of Power have not yet been revealed.

Thranatuka assisted Burtok, in guise of Rayzok, and Jaykorax in attacks on the Avenging Alliance. He participated in their capture, leading a small army of Scorpio-Spiders to attack the Aliance and capture them. Soon after their capture, Burtok summoned him and Jaykorax and absorbed them into his essence.

Powers and Equipment[]


  • Flight: Thranatuka could fly under his own power.
  • Heat Vision: Thranatuka could fire beams concentrated thermal energy from his eyes.
  • Kanohi Usage: Thranatuka could use Kanohi of Noble power level, but never chose to.


  • Ferocity: Thranatuka was an aggressive fighter, but was smart about it.
  • Intelligence: Thranatuka was possessed of an above-average intellect, one he used to either outwit his enemies or manipulate others.


He had a staff that could suspend a target in a stasis field, rendering them immobile and weightless, thus, Thranatuka could hold them hostage, or use them as a projectile or shield.

Thranatuka also had a double-bladed electro-rocket launcher mounted on his left arm.

Personality and Traits[]

Thranatuka was very egotistical, but also very submissive to his master, Burtok. He tended to be very snobbish to his enemies and subordinates, as well as insensitive. He was also willing to use his subordinates or captives a shields. He was also very confident in battle, but willing to leave if things didn't go his way.



  • Thranatuka is another case where he was built, but no picture was taken of him. He was recently rebuilt.