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Time Dilation Accelerator
Function Open dimensional portals
Status Broken, but whole
Location Burtok's Fortress
Pronunciation N/A

The Time Dilation Accelerator (or simply The Accelerator) is a warp machine Burtok created in the Altronia Continuity.


Burtok created the device to substitute for an Olmak, and to use as a tool for fast locomotion around his fortress and Crystal Island. He built it while in a stalemate with the Avenging Alliance and planned to use the Accelerator of gain the upper hand. He used it on them immediately, and was still frustrated in his attempts to kill them.

When Bultrox challenged Burtok to a duel, one of the things Bultrox tried was to knock the Accelerator away. He did, but that left it open to be stolen by Zartok, though only temporarily, as Burtok stole it back after a short time.

During the last Crystal Island battle, against the Alliance, Lihee's team, and four Hokanuka plus Yaltrax, the devices was used extensively. Lohrua managed to rip it off Burtok's arm and toss it to Levuku, leading to a game of keep-away as the two teleported around the battle. Burtok stole the device back, but Voran fried its circuits. Burtok was in mid-warp step, and the portals on either side of him, both the leaving and returning portal, closed, leaving the Makuta sealed in a dimensional void.

The broken device was left behind, as were several prototypes that Burtok had discarded. What will become of them is yet to be seen.


The device used warp technology to transport a user through dimensional portals to locations of their choosing. It used one of two dimensions as mediums to travel through. One dimension is strangely glowing, with a star-like power/light source in the "middle". The other is the Dimensional Void, sometimes called limbo. Which dimension is used can be determined by the color of the portal. It it is black, it's using the Void, if it's multicolor or aqua-greenish, it's the glowing dimension.

The portals stay open as long as the device is on. When in standby, it uses minimal power, but remains primed. When off, it uses no power, but required several seconds to warm up.

The device makes use of a powerful and efficient battery as a power source.


  • The Accelerator is based off a device with the same name from the 90's Spider-Man cartoon.