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Affiliation Order of Altronia
Powers Telekinesis
Kanohi Unknown
Status Alive
Pronunciation TORE-luhv

Torlusv is a young Varen from the Altronia Continuity.


He came into being at some point, as a Varen on Mertiros.

He found a pub on an island in the Kerris Archipelago island chain, and accidentally started a fight, which Quake, who was there, too, helped him out in. Razii signaled for Varoak to finish the fight, and revealed that the attackers were members of a gang, which the fight exposed. Torlusv was recruited by Razii and taken, along with Quake, to Altronia Fortress for training.

Powers and Abilities[]

Torlusv has telekinetic abilities. And he has a good grasp of fighting and is quite agile.

He has some training in martial arts, which he defended himself with in the pub.

Personality and Traits[]

Torlusv, being young and inexperienced, is eager and enthusiastic, always willing to get new experience or be around more experienced people than him. He also does not like to start fights, but he can certainly finish them.

His species often has similar endings to their names, because as a Varen get older, they lose letters from their name. So Torlusv's name will be changed to Torluv when he's considered a Varen adult, and when he's an old Varen geezer his name'll be Torlu.


  • He has an odd, but cool name.
  • Varon could beat 'em.