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Affiliation Hokanuka Cult
Powers Counter-Absorbtion, Strength, Laser Vision
Kanohi None
Status Alive
Pronunciation TRAL-icks

Trallix is the Hokanuka Second-in-Command from the Altronia Continuity.


He was the fourth Hokanuka to come into existence, born of Zalkatrex's first reproduction. He soon got a reputation as a dangerous warrior and a trusted operative.

He is often sent on more destructive missions, as he is one of the strongest Hokanuka.

Currently, Trallix is working as the first in command of the Hokanuka, and is spending his time going back and forth between the Hokanuka base and the Order's fortress to make plans with Faxhuun and carry out the plans and Zalkatrex's orders.

Powers and Abilities[]

Trallix can use the Hokanuka power of Counter-Absorption, of which he has a very potent version.

He also has laser vision, which used to be somewhat mild, but has increased in power.

Trallix is an expert combatant. He can wield his axe with ease and finesse, and is able to deduce an enemy's strategy and weaknesses accurately during battle. He can also fight while airborne, and, after his upgrade, is much better at flying, just like he is at pretty much everything else. He has a good aim, which helps when he either throws his axe or shoots a rocket off his launcher at people.

Trallix is also a good field commander, able to guide his troops with efficiency and cunning.

Personality and Traits[]

Trallix is not known for being friendly.

Primarily, he is cold, short, gruff, calculating, and sometimes rude, and mostly just cares about doing his job. He dislikes distractions, and often rips apart those distractions until they are not annoying anymore. He is usually harmless unless you are his target and/or you bug him, so many give him copious respect when they encounter him.


  • Trallix was the fourth Hokanuka to come into existence.
  • Trallix's physical capabilities and endurance seem to be based off those of Cloud from Final Fantasy, although this was not Argh's intention.
  • Varon could not beat 'em.