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I am Bionicle fanatic(like Sidd, and probably everyone else on this wiki) and Have been buying the sets since 2006. Although I lack the money to purchase a lot of the sets(I don't get an allowance, unlike Sid) I still got what I could and asked for Bionicles every Christmas and Birthday. Which, in the end, gave me a nice little collection which I have used to build some characters.

I first started my story writing in late 2007 on Authors Hangout 4, page 19. I found writing stories based on the dudes me and Sid made very awesome, so I kept on writing, all the way to Authors Hangout 8, though I pretty much stopped dead once number 8 started. Unfortunetly, I didn't do all the posting I was planning on doing during the summer, so now I am slowly trying to get back to posting.

How I got the username "ArghYeMatey"[]

It all started when I decided to get a Lego account, so I could do stuff on the LMBs, like post stories. I couldn't come up with a username. That was a problem, seeing as I needed it to get the account. I conferred with my bro, known as JR^23 on the LMBs and the MHOZ(Maverick HangOut Zone), and he randomly came up with ArghYeMatey, seeing as I liked Pirates of the Caribbean. I actually liked the idea, and used it. Nowadays though, people usually call me "Argh" or "AYM", which I am perfectly fine with.

Custom Bionicles[]

I found Custom BIonicles sometime in the first half of 2009, and greatly enjoyed reading/watching tons of stuff from Hydros the Awesome. For some reason, I neglected to tell Sid of the awesome place, despite the fact that we had decided to make our own website, which he happened to be working on at the time. Despite that, he managed to find it himself, and naturally told me about. Naturally, I wasn't surprised. Sorry Sid, I don't know what I was thinking then.

Stuff I like:[]



  • Michael Card
  • The Echoing Green
  • Stryper
  • Skillet(not as much as I used to)


  • Rome: Total War(And a couple of different mods for it)
  • Transformers(sort of.)
  • Reading books by Timothy Zahn.

Video Games

  • Spiderman
  • Super Smash Brothers Brawl
  • Metroid Prime 3
  • Aerial combat games
  • And other things such as Spyro and Crash Bandicoot

Powers and Abilities[]

Argh has the power to be very awesome, as well as survive poundings in Belegarth matches that would kill normal humans.


I have the power to role six blanks on a six sided die (which has only one blank on each dice) in Heroscape.

I have a magnet in my nose which attracts Belagarth weapons to it. It kind of stinks.


  • I am called ArghYeMatey on lots of online communities, but there are those who also use that name, so if you see someone who calls themselves AghYeMatey, it may not be me. However, it usually is, like on Lego, Double Throwdown HQ, and Wikia.
  • I tend to get in the nose a lot in Belegarth. One time I got a mark that was there for a week(seriously) Sid has no idea why it happens so much, and neither do I.
  • Having spent a lot of time around Sidd, I now occasionaly say "Spleen" or "Karzahni"