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"When God was making the world, He had a little Saltshaker of Stupid, just to keep people humble. But then the lid fell off."
―One of my buds.

Basic Info[]

Sidorak12814 is a the founder of Wikitronia. He is the originator and co-author of the Altronia Continuity, co-creator and author of The Spiffy Chronicles, and co-author of Baterra Magna. He also thinks he's funny.

History of my BIONCLE fandom[]


I got my first set, Lehrak, in 2003. Since then, I became increasingly more and more interested in the series. Once I got fully engaged in BIONICLE sometime in 2004, I was an avid fan of the novels, sets, comics, movies, and video games.

I eagerly welcomed 2006 and loved all the new media that was added to BIONICLE's website and the like. As a random bit of trivia, I guessed Teridax's true plan (somehow wrest control of Mata Nui's body away from its owner) in late 2007, after reading on Wikipedia that Mata Nui did in fact have a body. Still, I disregarded that theory before 2008's conclusion, and was still surprised when Makuta ended up winning control over the universe.

CBWiki Era[]

I had a running fanfiction going on the Lego Message Boards in the Author's Hangout topic. When I found Custom Bionicles (as this wiki was called then), I saw a new, far more versatile way of getting my story out in the world. Since then I have been a loyal member of the wiki, adding my pages and commenting on various blogs. I even pledged my allegiance to Slicer when he pretended to be Teridax and take of the wiki as an April Fool's joke in 2010.

After 2010, my activity level declined, and remains much lower than before. Still, on my sixteenth birthday I created Wikitronia and made it the official wiki of the Altronia Continuity, the story I work on jointly with my buddy ArghYeMatey.

I currently have diversified. In addition to writing BIONICLE fanfiction, I now also write a science fiction/superhero story called Terra Duenuo that I post on DeviantArt. I still participate in things on the wiki, but not as actively as I once did.

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