Wikitronia - the Altronia Continuity Wiki

Well, here we are. Here I am. Here you are. Here is my keyboard. And here is my adrenalin-boosted random-teenager behavior.

Enough of that. I would like to welcome you all to Wikitronia, the Altronia Continuity database that anyone can edit. Of course, all you vandals out there who are no doubt planning your assault on the world sensible people will be hunted down and eliminated if you show your faces (or typing fingers) here.

Also, I'd like to announce that we are now just short of 70 articles! There's plenty more to create, but all the species pages, fundamental template pages, story pages, and articles from A through E are done.

I've developed an alphabetical method for getting the pages up here. I just open two tabs, one here, one at CBWiki. Then, I bring up the "Category:Altronia Continuity" page on CBWiki and look at the list. I go to an article, go into the editing screen, then highlight all the Wikitext, right-click, and press Copy.

I then go to the Wikitronia tab, select "Add a page," and paste the Wikitext into the new article. I also upload any pertinent images.

Then I just go back to CBWiki tab, go back to the Altronia Continuity category page, and do the same thing to the next article dwon from the one I just copied. It's a good system, and when either tab is loading, I can just go to the other tab and do something there, thus making the system efficient as well.

Ah, well. That's enough boring stuff. Now for the EVEN MORE BORING stuff.

As this is a separate wiki from Custom Bionicles, I'd like this wiki to have its own pages for the canon Bionicle species, the various elements/powers, and masks. "Why can't we just link to CBWiki?" you might ask. The answer is that many canon Bionicle species are used by multiple stories on CBWiki, and for people who don't really know their way around, the extra info on CBWiki articles may be confusing.

Same goes for element and power articles. Even some masks.

Also, any canon species, character, or other thing that is used only a little in the story, like Mutran or the Makuta species, needs its own articles here. It can be a slightly modified copy of a BS01 articles if you like.

That's all for now. If you need clarifying, just leave a comment below.