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Vahki Ultima
Headquarters Burtok's Fortress
Leader None
Goal Fight the Avenging Alliance
Status Defunct
Allies Burtok, Rayzok, Jardel, Thranatuka
Enemies Avenging Alliance, Toa in general

The Vahki Ultima were a pair of Vahki units upgraded to be more durable, be able to reassemble themselves, and control an element.


They were built by Burtok at some point, and harassed the Avenging Alliance for about six months.

They were destroyed by Thravak, having their heads ripped off and their other components ground to bits under his heel.




The robots were capable of utilizing abilities relating to the elements of Fire and Ice. Infernix had flame-based abilities, and Crystallox had ice-related powers. They both controlled their abilities through their tools.


The robots carried blades that channeled their powers, and could also fire energy disks from their mandibles.


The robots were greatly durable and able to take much more punishment than average Vahki. They were also capable of speech, had unique personalities, and could feel pain. Why these oddities were included in their construction and programming is unknown.

They could also rebuild themselves. By bringing their major parts together, the minor parts and details would reconfigure to allow the part to fit into place. It would also kick in self-repair systems, which would begin to patch up the damage.



  • Sidd made these up for comedy relief, and they will serve some of that purpose in the revision, but will be a threat.