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Powers Varies
Tools Often weapons
Status Thriving
Location Multiple
Pronunciation VAH-ren

Varen are a civilized species in the Altronia Continuity.



Varen are armored, Toa-like beings of varying colors. The majority are taller than Toa and tend to be lanky, though a handful are shorter.


Varen have varying powers, ranging from electricity projection to telekinesis.

Physical Prowess[]

Varen are very Toa-like in many respects, but different in some respects as well. (Fill in later)

Society and Culture[]

Their names change with age, usually getting shorter. The first name is their juvenile name, with covers the first 10 millenia, then their adult name, which lasts the longest, then to the elder name, from 80 millenia of age onward.


The Varen came into existence with the rest of the sapient species at the dawn of the universe.

They were accepted into the community of the Matoran Universe and soon began to inhabit most islands that were home to more than one species, like Stelt and Mertiros.

Known Individuals[]


  • Originally Varen were considered a subspecies of Runask at Sidd's insistence, but he can no longer remember why, so they are now considered a separate species altogether.