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Status Thriving
Location Unknown Dimension
Pronunciation Venn-DORE-ah

"In this new society, in this strange new universe, the strong ruled by defeating other strong beings and winning the respect of the Vendora citizens of the city."
―Narrator [src]

Vendora are Matoran-like beings that inhabit an unknown dimension in the Altronia Continuity.



Vendora are biomechanical bipeds standing approximately five feet tall and clad in light, blue and orange armor. Their faces bear a resemblance to a Noble Mask of Speed, but they do not seem to wear masks.


Vendora sometimes carry small, serrated blades to defend themselves, but not often, as their champions usually protect them.

Physical Prowess[]

Vendora are as strong as an average biomechanical being of their size, and have no particular athletic skills besides. They also lack special powers.

Society and Culture[]

Vendora compose the lowest class of an isolated society in an unknown dimension, and function as laborers and the working class. They are required by law to submit to their leaders, but they do have some power, for those leaders that are supported by the most Vendora are the ones with the most power.

The leaders are tested in a gladiatorial arena, and the gladiator who is the victor usually becomes the crowd favorite, and thus becomes more powerful in the social system than his vanquished opponent.


The Vendora's history is largely unknown, but at one point their society was invaded by Makuta Rayzok, who quickly moved up the social ladder, constantly vanquishing opponents in arena match after arena match.



  • Sidd built the MOC randomly one day as a concept character, and eventually rejected it and disassembled the figure for spare parts. He has since decided model the Vendora after that design to pay it homage.