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Affiliation Altronian Remnant warriors
Powers None
Kanohi None
Status Alive
Pronunciation VEHS-kal

Veskal is an upcoming character from the Altronia Continuity.

Known Information[]


Veskal's affiliation is unknown


Veskal has multiple weapons, all of which he wields with deadly precision. A few are detailed here. Veskal's main weapon is a scythe, which has a mini-blade on the back, allowing him to swing front first or back first and still kill people. lovely.

His secondary weapon is a long chain with multiple spikes on it, making it a very dangerous and messy weapon.

Veskal has allowed his claws to grow larger then most Altronians do, allowing him to use them as weapons. since his left arm is mostly robotic, he made the claws on that arm larger, but not so large that they couldn't properly grip onto a weapon.


  • Sidd forgets much about him right now, but he is having a routine brain drain.
  • But it doesn't matter a whole lot, seeing as Argh can fill in the info.
  • Varon could beat 'em.