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Function Channels elemental power, beats crud out of stuff
Powers whatever elemental energy the user has is channeled
Status Nonexistent for now
Location None yet
Pronunciation VOHR-pahl

Vorpal is Altron's sword.


Vorpal channels Altron's Elemental Powers, and can use any number or combination of those powers at a given time. This allows it to create a Toa Seal with one beam, useful for owning enemies.

The sword, being ten feet long and very massive, is also useful for slicing, chopping, bashing, mutilating, and other helpful tasks.


  • Using calculations and approximate Figure-to-Real Life scaling, The sword, being twelve inches long, would be about ten feet in the Bionicle world.
  • Its name is based on an adjective used to describe the hero's blade in Jabberwocky.