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Affiliation Toa Tronux
Powers Elemental Plant Control
Kanohi Great Hahksha
Status Alive
Pronunciation ZOH-varr

Xovar is a Toa of The Green and a member of the Toa Tronux from the Altronia Continuity.


Early Life[]

Xovar was brought into existence as a Bo-Matoran on the Southern Continent. Later, he and four other Matoran became Toa together under unknown circumstances, forming the Toa Tronux.

The Toa Tronux eventually began working for the Order of Altronia, performing many missions on their behalf in the conflict against the Brotherhood of Makuta. The Toa Tronux at some point found themselves in the company of Voran, a Runask with powers similar to a Toa of Lightning.

One mission from the Order ran them afoul of Makuta Burtok, who captured the entire team, except Xovar, and he experimented on them. Burtok's experiments ended up reducing their overall stature and power, as well as corrupting their memories, which caused the team to think of Voran not only as a Toa, but as their leader.

Order of Altronia[]

Xovar continued serving the Order of Altronia for several hundred years after his teammates' capture.

The Toa Tronux later found Xovar inside Altronia Fortress, and despite Xovar's misgivings about a past dispute with Runik (which Runik no longer remembered), welcomed him back to the team. Shortly afterward, when the Avenging Alliance was restructured and became the Vindicators, the Toa Tronux added Rewta to their ranks, consolidating the Toa in the team under one banner.

The Vindicators were on the brunt of an advance attack by Zortak and other forces of Cekadax, but even as they defeated the few advance scouts, Makuta Ikirro invaded the fortress himself and opened the gate, allowing Cekadax's full army to enter the fortress grounds. The Order was having difficulty repulsing the attack, but Choro's people, the Yelnir, arrived in a fleet of airships to finally turn the tides of battle.

After a brief respite, the Order pushed back against Cekadax with the help of the Yelnir fleet, Zalkaterex opening the gate to Cekadax's Fortress and allowing the Order's army and his Hokanuka brethren to enter unimpeded. The Vindicators and Universal Alliance encountered Cekadax and Ikirro, the latter of whom teleported them outside to deal with them himself. The teams combined barely defeated the Makuta, but only temporarily, and they retreated, grateful to still be alive. After Cekadax's death at the hand of Trallix, the rest of her force was either purged or retreated with Ikirro to Crystal Island to meet with that of Rularx.

The Vindicators and the Universal Alliance fought Rularx to a near-standstill outside his fortress, before being teleported inside and pitted against the Revolutionaries by Rularx. The Toa Tronux specifically engaged Tamrix, Gordok, and Strygel, who led them into Tamrix's Rahi pens, where the beasts were unleashed on them to even the odds. However, they were soon joined by other, victorious, members of their team, and their enemies were defeated quickly with the Vindicators' support. Rularx then captured the teams temporarily, informing them that he considered them is primary nemeses, before leaving to deploy his giant version of the Time Dilation Accelerator, planning to transport Crystal Island elsewhere. When the Time Dilation Accelerator was sabotaged by Zallirix, the island, the Vindicators, the Universal Alliance, and several others, were sent to the Junction Dimension as the Order of Altronia retreated.



  • Elemental Plant Control: Xovar has near-complete control over the element of Plant Life, and is able to bend it to his will. Examples include:
    • Plant Creation: Xovar can summon plants out of barren ground, or even thin air, which he can then control.
    • Plant Manipulation: Xovar can cause metals to plants and reform themselves however he desires them to.
    • Plant Energy Absorption: Xovar can absorb energy from plants to either temporarily boost his power, or to release the extra power in a concentrated blast.
  • Kanohi Usage: Xovar, being a Toa, can use Kanohi Masks of Noble and Great power level.
  • Repulsion Rhotuka: Xovar's Rhotuka cause the target to be forcefully repelled from him. This effect is similar to a kind of negative Gravity, and can be counteracted with elemental Gravity powers. He currently does not possess the necessary equipment to use them.


  • Ingenuity: Xovar is fully capable of taking care of himself in a variety of situations and contexts, being able to devise methods of meeting goals and overcoming challenges in the moment with ease.


  • Kanohi: Xovar wears a Great Kanohi Hahksha.
  • Thorn Staff: Xovar carries a staff that appears as if it was made of metallic vines. It has a large, sharp thorn on the end, useful as a hook or as a blade. Xovar can channel his elemental power through this tool, as well.
  • Flora Summoning Chain: Xovar carries a chain, capable of serving as a typical chain weapon, but he primarily uses it to channel his elemental power, conjuring plants with it.


Xovar is very self-sufficient, and his confidence in his own ability is well-founded after centuries without a team to back him up. He has much faith in his own abilities and feels he has little need for help from others, even though Xovar does benefit from being with a team, and, ultimately, he knows it. From time to time he can even appear arrogant, but not often. Despite his loner attitude, he is very close with his teammates and considers even Runik his friend, even though Xovar has mouthed off to Runik many times in the past (though Runik no longer has memories of this). Xovar is also very savvy, having become quite familiar with the less-wholesome parts of life over the years.



  • He was originally a minor, personality-less character made up by Sidd, and was a normal-sized Toa who randomly appeared somewhere random which escapes Sidd at this time, originally appearing the first version of the Altronia Continuity. He was a last-minute story revision/change idea.
    • In his first, incarnation, he was called Jovar. For obvious reasons, his name had to be changed.