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Position Unknown
Status Intact, Recovering from War
Pronunciation YAL-namm

Yalnam is the island home to the Yelnir race.


Yalnam was created along with the rest of the universe, and the race known as the Yelnir were placed there. The Yelnir built cities and increased their technological level, staying one step behind Metru Nui for most of the time.

When war started to break out over the borders of various sections of Yalnam, the Makuta of the island tried to stop war from coming by creating a device that was supposed to split the one island into three pieces, setting the borders permanently. Unfortunately, it shook the island up too much and created several mini islands to go with the main three. This failed to keep war from coming, and instead only got the Makuta of the island hunted down and killed and brought on new inventions that could be used to travel across the gaps.

The biggest island kept the name of the original one, Yalnam.

The second biggest was called Mevrex.

The third biggest was called Serdofin.


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It is home to the Yelnir, and several types of Rahi.

Known Inhabitants[]

  • Choro
  • The Governor
  • Several Yelnir(obviously)