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Affiliation Hokanuka Cult
Powers Counter-Absorption
Kanohi None
Status Deceased
Pronunciation YAHR-ick

Yarik was a Hokanuka in this story.


Yarix was brought into existence the way Hokanuka always are, through asexual reproduction. He remained a Hokanuka larva for some time, serving as an igor for Burtok, and a double agent for Bultrox, keeping tabs on the Makuta's location and actions. The mind-shielding factor the Hokanuka share allowed him to spy on the Makuta for both Bultrox and his superiors without Burtok finding out. Once Yarik's brethren showed up with Yaltrax, they gave Yarik a signal to morph into his adult form, and betray Burtok. He did, by ambushing Burtok and countering a plasma blast with super-chilled air, which froze the Makuta solid He assisted with the final battle at Crystal Island, fighting on the side of the Hokanuka.

However, after Burtok was defeated, he locked Fajaku in a closet when the volcano the fortress was built on erupted, burying the structure. Zalkatrex did not approve of this treachery and forced Yarrik to use his claws to dig Fajaku out. Once Fajako was returned to Zlakatrex uninjured, he promptly beheaded his subordinate, theorizing that overexposure to a Makuta made a bad impression on Yarik. Zalkatrex gave Yarik's armor to Suntrah to use for repairing the Runask's teammates' armor, looted Yarik's mask, then hurled the rest out to sea.

Powers and Abilities[]

Yarik didn't use his Potential for anything other than making the powers Hokanuka always have a lot more potent. He dedicated all of it to improving his armor and counter-absorption abilities, as well as his natural immunity to telepathy.

Yarik also gave himself large protosteel claws, which he could use as weapons.

Personality and Traits[]

Yarik was trying to serve the Hokanuka cause, but his exposure to Burtok, an over-amplification of Zalkatrex's negative traits, and surprise victory over the Makuta made him egotistical and treacherous. He thought very highly of himself and never found any fault with anything he did or thought was right.


  • Alas, poor Yarik...