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Affiliation Vindicators, Order of Altronia
Powers Elemental Psionics
Kanohi Great Dixotus
Status Alive
Pronunciation YEHR-dill

Yurdil is a Toa of Psionics and a member of the Toa Tronux from the Altronia Continuity.


Early Life[]

Yurdil was brought into existence as a Ce-Matoran on the Southern Continent. Later, she and four other Matoran became Toa together under unknown circumstances, forming the Toa Tronux.

The Toa Tronux eventually began working for the Order of Altronia, performing many missions on their behalf in the conflict against the Brotherhood of Makuta. The Toa Tronux at some point found themselves in the company of Voran, a Runask with powers similar to a Toa of Lightning.

One mission from the Order ran them afoul of Makuta Burtok, who captured the entire team, except Xovar, and he experimented on them. Burtok's experiments ended up reducing their overall stature and power, as well as corrupting their memories, which caused the team to think of Voran not only as a Toa, but as their leader.

Avenging Alliance[]

The Toa Tronux eventually pursued Burtok to Crystal Island, where they encountered the Avenging Alliance. After helping the misfits fight off Suntrah, Thranatuka, the Vahki Ultima, and a mask-infected Levuku, their teams formed a strong alliance against Makuta Burtok's forces on the island.

When a diplomatic discussion the Avenging Alliance, Panuko, and Vaturi went wrong, the Alliance found themselves fighting each other. Upon entering the scene, the Toa Tronux stood by, unsure how to help the situation, until Bartha's temper was triggered by Zakalonn's insistence at their involvement. The Toa Tronux fought Zakalonn and Vohk, before parting ways with the rest of the Alliance as the result of a spat between Kanahka, Rohko, and Voran.

The Toa Tronux approached Panuko and Buraka with peace, and agreed to help track down Levuku. On this search, they found their way back to the Alliance camp, and at Kanahka's request, readily rejoined the Alliance alongside the two Crynok.

Operation Rayzok[]

Burtok, posing as Rayzok after faking his own death, captured the Alliance as they attempted to raid his fortress with the Universal Alliance by their side. With the Alliance bound, Burtok revealed many things about their past, including the nature of his own tampering of the Toa Tronux. The team still managed to escape their bonds and discovered Scorpio-Spiders harvesting Lightning Crystals for use by Burtok in powering his Virus Cannons, but escaped to recover from their failed assault.

The Toa Tronux joined the Avenging Alliance as they retaliated from an attack by "Rayzok" with his newly constructed Time Dilation Accelerator. Meeting him at his own fortress, they discovered the Virus Cannons themselves, but were unable to destroy them until they enlisted the help of the newly arrived Bultrox. The cannons were destroyed with explosives delivered through the supply line, and Bultrox was added to the Avenging Alliance.

Buraka found a cave in which Burtok had hidden a stash of old laboratory equipment. After she survived Trallix, she showed it to the team, and Suntrah's and Lohrua's masks combined found and identified the fomula that had originally transformed the Toa Tronux. An antidote to the formula was created and applied, transforming the Toa Tronux back into their past selves. Vaturi approached the cave, but Yurdil informed the team that the recent turncoat was not there for battle, and the altered Vaturi rejoined the Alliance.

The Alliances regrouped and mounted a singular assault on Burtok's fortress. Joining forces with several Hokanuka, they managed to hold back Burtok's forces, including Scorpio-Spiders, Pneuma-Toa, and several giant Rahkshi. Burtok was finally defeated as a portal to the Junction Dimension, created by his Time Dilation Accelerator, closed in on him against his will, locking him in the other realm and ending the battle.

After the battle, Recvak offered the Alliances the opportunity to join the Order of Altronia, though he did not reveal its name at that point. The teams took his offer, and set out for Altronia to see what lay ahead for them.

Order of Altronia[]

Despite an unsuccessful attack from Zallirix, the Avenging and Universal Alliances made their way across the Altronia desert toward Altronia Fortress under the guidance of Recvak, Lumcavar, and Cardvor. They were attacked by a giant, energy-returning Rahi, the battle with which cost Buraka her life.

Upon arrival at the Fortress, they were greeted by Faxhuun, who gave special recognition to the Lihee and the Toa Tronux. For the Toa Tronux, this was a surprise, as they did not remember working for the Order. In the same meeting, the apprehended Burtok, having by chance returned from the Junction Dimension, was injected by a power dampener created by Rajal to prevent him from being able to escape the Order.

When Rewta was added to the Avenging Alliance, she was introduced to the Toa Tronux, whom she took a liking to.

The Toa Tronux later found Xovar inside Altronia Fortress, and despite Xovar's misgivings about a past dispute with Runik (which Runik no longer remembered), welcomed him back to the team. Shortly afterward, when the Avenging Alliance was restructured and became the Vindicators, the Toa Tronux added Rewta to their ranks, consolidating the Toa in the team under one banner.

The Vindicators were on the brunt of an advance attack by Zortak and other forces of Cekadax, but even as they defeated the few advance scouts, Makuta Ikirro invaded the fortress himself and opened the gate, allowing Cekadax's full army to enter the fortress grounds. The Order was having difficulty repulsing the attack, but Choro's people, the Yelnir, arrived in a fleet of airships to finally turn the tides of battle.

After a brief respite, the Order pushed back against Cekadax with the help of the Yelnir fleet, Zalkaterex opening the gate to Cekadax's Fortress and allowing the Order's army and his Hokanuka brethren to enter unimpeded. The Vindicators and Universal Alliance encountered Cekadax and Ikirro, the latter of whom teleported them outside to deal with them himself. The teams combined barely defeated the Makuta, but only temporarily, and they retreated, grateful to still be alive. After Cekadax's death at the hand of Trallix, the rest of her force was either purged or retreated with Ikirro to Crystal Island to meet with that of Rularx.

The Vindicators and the Universal Alliance fought Rularx to a near-standstill outside his fortress, before being teleported inside and pitted against the Revolutionaries by Rularx. The Toa Tronux specifically engaged Tamrix, Gordok, and Strygel, who led them into Tamrix's Rahi pens, where the beasts were unleashed on them to even the odds. However, they were soon joined by other, victorious, members of their team, and their enemies were defeated quickly with the Vindicators' support. Rularx then captured the teams temporarily, informing them that he considered them is primary nemeses, before leaving to deploy his giant version of the Time Dilation Accelerator, planning to transport Crystal Island elsewhere. When the Time Dilation Accelerator was sabotaged by Zallirix, the island, the Vindicators, the Universal Alliance, and several others, were sent to the Junction Dimension as the Order of Altronia retreated.



  • Elemental Psionics Control: Yurdil has near-complete control over the element of Psionics, and is able to bend it to her will. Examples include:
    • Psionic Energy Creation: Yurdil can generate psionic energy which she can then control.
    • Psionics Manipulation: Yurdil can read, attack, and control minds (within their moral fiber), block the mental powers of other beings (given sufficient willpower), and telekinetically manipulate physical objects.
    • Psionic Energy Absorption: Yurdil can absorb psionic energy to temporarily boost her power, or to release the extra power in a concentrated blast.
  • Kanohi Usage: Yurdil, being a Toa, can use Kanohi Masks of Noble and Great power level.
  • Phase Disruption Rhotuka: Yurdil's Rhotuka phase through solid objects, causing damage as they travel, which can weaken structures or injure living things. She currently does not possess the necessary equipment to use them.


  • Psychological Perception: Yurdil, even without her telepathic powers, is very perceptive of the subtleties of other beings and the impact of the interactions of others, which is very useful regarding conflict, be it for avoiding it, resolving it, or prevailing in it.


  • Kanohi: Yurdil wears a Great Kanohi Dixotus.
  • Forearm-mounted blades: Yurdil carries a pair of blades on her forearms for melee combat, although she does not need them to channel her elemental power. The blades can also be rotated backward on her arms when not in use.


Yurdil, while depowered, was less sensitive to others, being more interested in ending conflict than resolving it. After her restoration, she regained her sensitivity, but also her positive attitude. Yurdil always looks to solve problems, providing solutions even when they were not requested. She is personable in an adaptable way, not so friendly as to be burdensome, but not so distanced as to be unapproachable. This is entirely deliberate, however, since she would prefer to be as open and frank as possible, being uncomfortable with secrets, even beneficial ones, especially since she has accidentally learned so many over the years with her elemental powers.



  • Yurdil's original concept was for the peacemaking Toa of Water stereotype, but once Toa of Psionics were canonized, I saw changing Yurdil's element as a way to both add originality to her characterization, but also add variety to the elemental powers in the story.