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Mask of Temporary Augmentation
Powers Short-Term Power Boost
Disks Unknown
Pronunciation ZELL-tee-eck

The Kanohi Zeltiek or Mask of Temporary Augmentation is a Mask of Power in the Altronia Continuity.


The Zeltiek is used to amplify a single quality of the wearer's prowess (i.e., speed, strength, agility) to greater strength for a maximum of a few seconds.

In combat the Zeltiek is usually used to land one blow or evade a blow dealt by one's quarry, because the longer it is active, the more strain it puts on the user's mind.

Strain during use doubles every second it is used, and its only real time limitation is how long the wearer can stand the increasing pain without passing out. Also, the amount of amplification one puts on the attribute augmented determines how much effort is needed to keep the mask going.