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Affiliation Brotherhood Servant
Powers Unknown
Kanohi Unknown
Status Alive
Pronunciation Zer-ACK-narr

"I will strike the Order of Altronia at its root!"
―Zracknar during his pre-battle speech [src]

Zracknar is Cekadax's lieutenant from the Altronia Continuity.


Zracknar was brought into being as a Varen on Mertiros.

He began serving the Brotherhood of Makuta at some point, and unfortunately for him was promoted to being Cekadax's second-in-command. He has served her for a while. At some point, he met Thranatuka and Jaykorax. He tried to remove Thranatuka's current mask, which sparked longtime antagony between the two.

He relayed information on happenings on Altronia to Cekadax, spying on the Avenging Alliance as they made their way to Altronia Fortress. Cekadax began planning her strategy with Ikirro. While there, the arrival of Burtok prompted a change of strategy to conform to any inside info he had acquired. Zracknar, Ikirro, and Recapar expressed their impatience to get started, to which Cekadax responded by assuring that there would be action soon. Recapar warned Zracknar not to double-cross him, and emphasized this by heaving Zracknar off the ground by the neck. Cekadax's lieutenant was able to break free of the Shadow Toa's grip, however, and shortly left to go fight.

Zracknar accompanied Ikirro and Racapar to their rendezvous with Cekadax's army. Once there, Zracknar gave a motivational speech to the troops, and assumed command of them on the field. He led them to the gates of Altronia Fortress, where he only had to wait a few seconds before Ikirro opened the gates from the inside and let the army into the fortress's premises.

Powers and Equipment[]

Nothing is known from the story about Zracknar's powers, but, trust me, that will change soon.


Zracknar carries a weapon and a projectile launcher of an unknown type.

Personality and Traits[]

Not much is known about Zracknar's personality, but he does show obedience and formality to Cekadax, and also apparent loyalty.


  • He is eight feet tall.
  • Varon could not beat 'em.